An Interview with Delwin Fandrich

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Introduction I’m Del Fandrich and I have been in the piano business since 1961. I started out as a refurbisher of upright pianos, evolved into rebuilding pianos. I’ve worked for dealerships prepping new pianos, and eventually I got increasingly involved in piano design work. So, for the last few years I have been doing design […]

Piano Technician’s Guild Tucson 2019

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What happens when the largest group of Piano Technicians in the world gather? Collaboration. Creativity. Reconnection. At this year’s July PTG in Tucson, Arizona, technicians, pianists, and experts in the piano field and industry gathered to share new ideas, knowledge, and techniques for three solid days of classes and exhibits. Many technicians visited our Wessell, […]

An Interview with Jim Busby

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Introduction My name is Jim Busby and I live in Mount Pleasant, Utah and I’ve been in piano tuning and technology for about 44 years. How did you become a full time Piano Technician? Well, actually my uncle was a piano technician and I’ve always thought I’d tune pianos because I liked my uncle so […]

An Interview With Bruce Stevens

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Introduction My name is Bruce Stevens. I’m from Southern California and I live in the city of Bellflower which is close to Long Beach, California. I’m a piano technician of almost 37 years and have a business that provides in-home service as well as running a shop where I do full restoration of fine pianos. […]

An Interview with Mike Reese

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Introduction My name is Mike Reese and I work in Birmingham, Alabama. I operate a restoration shop and have been in the piano rebuild / repair / tuning business for 43 years. When did you start installing Wessell, Nickel & Gross parts? The last 4 years—it’s been pretty intense—we’ve got a contract with a school […]