The perfect combination of cutting-edge materials and industry-leading design

Wessell, Nickel and Gross’ revolutionary piano actions not only minimize maintenance and regulation, but also makes them extremely easy to perform as well.

Hard Bushings

WNG’s piano actions use a specially-developed hard bushing material that is completely impervious to humidity and do not need to be regulated every season.

Traditional piano actions use cloth bushings that expand in the summer and contract in the winter, making frequent regulation a must to maintain uniform touch across the piano.

Synthetic Buckskin

WNG uses a synthetic material for its knuckles that has been in the piano industry for over 20 years and is proven to last much longer than traditional buckskin knuckles. Additionally, the synthetic material is inherently slipperier than regular buckskin and will not dry out or become squeaky.

Self-Lubricating Surface

Another advantage of WNG’s advanced composite is that the balancier, jack tender, and the top of the jack do not need to be lubricated. Wooden piano actions require a coating of graphite or emralon on these parts to function correctly, however this coating wears off quickly and needs constant reapplication.

Stainless Steel Springs

WNG uses stainless steel springs in all of its repetitions, which are more stable and hold their tension longer than the phosphor-bronze springs found in most traditional actions.

Flange Screws Stay Tight

Wood, as well as cloth bushings, expands and contracts with the seasons. However, humidity affects the flange screws inside wooden actions, and when the seasons change, the flange screws become loose. Since WNG uses advanced composite material in its actions that is unaffected by humidity, loose screws aren’t a problem, and never require retightening.