As many of you know, Renner was recently acquired by Steinway & Sons, announcing their new ownership in July. Needless to say, Steinway & Sons is one of the key players in the piano industry, often dominating many other companies and brands. In the past year they have imposed strict requirements on rebuilt Steinways and even threatened legal action against technicians, putting many of their livelihoods in jeopardy. This may be beneficial to Steinway, however, we believe that diversity and competition make for a far more healthy industry. In fact, it was this belief that inspired us to create the first fully-composite piano action, and offer educational classes that share insight into the piano action making process.

We pride ourselves in being a family-owned company and invite you to consider Wessell, Nickel & Gross as a viable, if not preferable, alternative for your rebuild. Our unique composite actions are made from modern, cutting-edge materials, offer the best performance possible, and can fit into almost any piano. Not only that, but they require substantially less maintenance than their wooden counterparts and will outlast them by a factor of three. Our actions, tools, and parts are currently used in over two hundred universities and professional settings in North America, and we believe that their reliability, quality, and durability speaks for itself.

The piano industry is slowly but surely changing. Renner and Steinway & Sons understand this and have made aggressive moves to consolidate their power within the piano industry. However, at Wessell, Nickel & Gross we believe that the industry would be better served through competition and choice, and will continue our mission to educate, innovate, and offer rebuilders everywhere the very best piano actions and tools in the world.

Kirk Burgett
President, RPT