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For a limited time, Wessell, Nickel & Gross is offering university technicians and music directorts a complimentary set of composite shanks and flanges.

Contact Nina Butler at or (573) 754 - 6690 for your complimentary set today!

Wood vs. Composites

In the 1700s, the 1800s, and the 1900s, piano actions were made from wood. There was no artistic reason to use wood, no nostalgia for a romanticized past involved, it was simply the best material available at the time.

Not true today.

  • Wood varies in mass and strength from piece to piece
  • Wood deteriorates in strength with age
  • Wood shrinks and swells with changing temperatures and humidity
  • Composites are made to microscopic tolerances and are many times stronger than wood
  • Composites do not deteriorate
  • Composites are impervious to weather

WNG parts are not simple replicas of wood parts, but are geometrically designed and engineered to give the action improved performance, and the piano more power, sustain and overall volume–if and when it’s needed.

Here's what your colleagues are saying

Del Fandrich, Piano Designer and Manufacturing Consultant

“Would I recommend WNG parts? Yes. In fact they will be my action parts of choice for any future rebuilding that I might be doing.”

Ron Nossaman, RPT

“I like the WNG parts and expect a better long-term regulation stability, as the parts aren’t continually changing dimension with humidity swings.”

Donnie Dennison, Tuner/Technician, Re-Builder, Pianist

“I like the WNG parts and expect a better long-term regulation stability, as the p“The WNG parts are amazing. I will use the full spectrum of parts they offer in anything I rebuild from now on. These parts are perfection reinvented.”

Here's what pianists are saying

Brian Culbertson, Award-winning Smooth Jazz Pianist

“When a piano feels and sounds this good, you don’t ever want to stop playing.”

Ron Tanski, Blues, Jazz, and Gospel Pianist

“Hands down the smoothest, fastest, most responsive action I’ve ever played. Also incredibly powerful.”

Hugh Sung, Dir. of Instrumental Accompaniment, Curtis Institute of Music

“The WNG composite action parts provide a level of craftsmanship and consistency that allows serious pianists to be unfettered in their creative pursuits and performances.”