WNG Rebuilder Series: David Sposto

Posted on: March 3rd, 2019 by WNG

David Sposto of Sposto Piano has been a piano technician for thirty nine years, servicing the Los Angeles and Orange County area. He provides custom piano rebuilds, restorations, and installations out of his workshop in Long Beach. In this interview we ask David about his experience working with Wessell, Nickel, & Gross (WNG) actions and parts. He shares three main features why technicians and customers love our products.

Flexibility and consistency. Due to WNG’s unique and innovative materials, composite actions deliver the same quality of sound and performance regardless of changes in humidity or climate. Our epoxy carbon fiber hammer shanks do not experience any loss of energy from bending or wobbling, and unlike wood, each shank is exactly the same strength. This ensures that the player and customer will experience consistent touch, feel, and sound in their instrument, even at a professional concert level.

Customizable parts. WNG actions provide a variety of interchangeable parts from heels to shanks to repetitions. We provide an extensive list of customizable parts to accommodate all different kinds of rebuilds, installations, and restorations that make it easy and convenient for technicians. From back actions to anodized aluminium capstans, we offer and match parts from every major piano manufacturer.

It’s got a built-in flexibility, it allows me to customize feel, especially if a customer likes a light feel or a heavy feel—you can actually try things and let them see how they like it.
— David Sposto
Registered Piano Technician and Rebuilder

Longevity. The backbone and core of WNG’s piano actions is its iconic black composite material. Not to be confused with simple plastic, this advanced composite material is much stronger and durable than wood. Additionally, our bushings are made out of an innovative hard, dense material. Not only is this material completely impervious to moisture, but keeps extremely stable pin torque and uniform touch after being tested at 40 million blows.

These three features are just some of the many reasons why Wessell, Nickel, & Gross is the best and preferred product for piano players and technicians alike, and why it comes standard with every modern Mason & Hamlin piano.