WNG Zoom Technical Meeting Hub

Welcome to WNG's Zoom Technical Meeting Hub. Here you can find more information on what was discussed in your PTG chapter's meeting and helpful links to articles and videos about Technicians who have used WNG's parts and tools.

High Speed Demonstration of Composite vs Wooden Shanks

This high-speed video demonstrates that as a weak wooden shank travels upwards, it flexes and bends as it moves towards the piano strings—the result of using an inferior material. Some piano experts label or try to justify this bending motion as “whipping” and believe that it is actually a benefit, as they claim that the shank will “whip” back and hit the piano strings with extra force.

Rebuilder Series Interviews

WNG's Rebuilder Series interviews established and prolific piano rebuilders about their thoughts and experiences on WNG's parts and tools.

Click here to view a list of the written version of the Rebuilder Series.